Experts in Design

You don’t need an expert in ships and vessel operations. You already have that expertise. You know the practical requirements for a ship and the little details that make a crew comfortable. DMS draws out that expertise to create options which match your preferences. Then we add in our own knowledge of ship design and engineering.

With design, we focus on the function and profitability of your ship. We see the link between engineering projects today and business performance in the future. At DMS, we see the ship as a business asset. Our goal is to show how engineering choices can improve that business asset.

The Science of Ship Design

There are boat designers, and then there are ship scientists. Boat designers largely copy the previous ship without considering the reason why. Why are some boats better than others?

At DMS, we follow a science-backed approach to ship design. We study the physics and human factors behind ships and identify the reasons for successful boats. This allows us to compare vessels based on facts, not opinion. We can then reapply those same principles to other ships, envisioned in different ways. As ship scientists, we copy the knowledge of success.


Engineering analysis to improve your ship.



Our path to ship performance.


Advanced Engineering

Advanced engineering unlocks greater flexibility in the ship design and the ability to achieve higher performance. That potential always existed in your ship, but it sometimes requires better math to prove it. DMS knows the math, and we see the possibility of an exceptional ship.
The tradeoff is higher engineering budgets. This is why DMS blends advanced engineering with standard practices. By focusing our advanced engineering into one or two applications, we allow you to achieve better ship profitability, without breaking the bank.

Better tools mean better results. Too often, engineers restrict a ship’s capabilities to match the limits of average engineering methods. This limits the cost of engineering but also limits the performance of your ship. When the average fails to impress, DMS brings out our expertise in advanced engineering

Computer simulations




Mooring analysis

Composite structures

Structural optimization

Advanced propulsion

and more . . .

Innovation – Affodable

All engineering companies claim to be innovative, but at what cost? In the business of custom engineering, the greatest challenge lies with accurately predicting the cost of a project. And innovative work carries the highest risk. Larger companies cannot afford that risk, because they need to maintain a large staff with a massive payroll. For a large engineering firm, innovation means disproportionate cost to you. Because innovation can be risky. And risk is expensive.

DMS brings a greater flexibility to innovation. By maintaining a small staff, we minimize payroll costs and tolerate a higher risk for projects. This frees us from the concerns of quarterly profit projections. Instead of cost, we focus on benefits. Our engineering talent identifies low-cost solutions which achieve high benefits. Unhampered creativity leads us to options that defy convention or seem unfamiliar. These uncharted designs hold the true opportunities for genuine performance gains. The type that gives you a competitive advantage.

But we recognize that practical limits often require a more conventional path. The choice will always be yours: conventional or innovative. At DMS, innovation expands your strategy and gives you a choice to invest in future improvements, without sacrificing the bank.