Ship Model Scaling

The physics of model scaling make it impossible to perfectly convert between model scale and ship scale. Learn how to get around the scaling correlation problem and convert from model scale to ship scale measurements.

Practical CFD Modeling: Volume of Fluid Modeling

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can model multiple fluids with the volume of fluid method. (VOF) The volume of fluid method opens new horizons for advanced modeling, which requires additional planning from the CFD engineer. Dive into the boundary conditions, meshing strategy, stability concerns, and more. Discover the world of VOF modeling.

Practical CFD Modeling: Turbulence

Turbulence demands modeling just like any other equation in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). As the CFD engineer, you need to describe boundary conditions for your turbulence equations. This article describes how to define boundary conditions for turbulence and provides typical values for normal simulations.

How to Design a Waterjet: Key Elements of Waterjets

What makes a waterjet work? What is the difference between a good and bad waterjet? Waterjets may appear to be brutes of power, but they rely on delicately balanced design equations. Learn the common elements that go into all waterjets and discover the best practices that you should expect from any decent waterjet design.

Meet Intercon Articulated Tug Barge Connector

Meet the Intercon AT/B connector system. A beautiful piece of engineering used to connect tugs and barges for inland and coastal trade.
Bow Shapes - Click Bait

Splitting Waves and Hairs: Comparing X-Bow, Axe Bow, and More

Axe bow, X-bow; slim size,
Graph: Hullform Design Space

How do I Select the Right Hull?

Monohull, catamaran, trimaran . .
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Go FAST Boat: Pros and Cons of a Planing Hull

ZOOM!!!  No better way to
Control Fins on Bow of SWATH

Smooth Sailing: Pros and Cons of a SWATH Vessel

Welcome to luxury cruising.  Glide
Fred Olsen

Why You Want a Trimaran: Pros and Cons of a Trimaran

Three hulls are better than
Yacht Owners Cabin

Me and My Six Imaginary Friends: The Practicalities of Yacht Layouts

What distinguishes a yacht designer
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The TRUTH of Hull Speed: How to Break the Sailing Speed Limit

Hull speed is bogus, but
Propeller Shoe Fit

Why We Care About The Ship’s Propeller

Propellers are dull, unimaginative, and

The True Cost of Steel

Steel is cheap.  No one cares about reducing the structure weight just to save on some steel costs, right?  WRONG!  And when you see the next bunkering bill, you will care too.

GHS Tutorials: Intact and Damage Stability

How to perform a stability analysis in GHS? These tutorials explain the process.