How to Design a Ship

How to design a ship? How to go from a blank sheet of paper to a sensible design for a ship, when you have nothing to start with? So here are my secrets revealed.

Composite Materials

Theoretically, composites promise strength several thousand times greater than steel. So why don’t we have composite materials everywhere? The practical design of composites severly limits their capabilities. Once you understand the practical limits, it provides a useful design guide for how to apply composites and maximize their advantages.

Six Ways to Break the Ship

Why are ship structures so labor intensive to design? Engineers need to anticipate multiple methods of failure, which makes a lot of work. The trick of efficient structural analysis focuses on recognizing which methods of failure are likely in each scenario. This article reveals six major methods of structural failure, with examples of common applications. Because it will be the failure mode you didn’t consider that ultimately leads to catastrophe.
Improve Engineering Value: Extract the Most from Engineering Simulations

Improve Engineering Value

We all want to feel good about paying for engineering analysis. Sometimes the best answer drives us to maximize value, rather than minimize cost. In those cases, you do better to go beyond basic safety and search for enhancements. Today we discuss four engineering tasks where you can maximize your value. Extract every last drop of knowledge from your engineering project.
Example of FEA Mesh [2]

Six Tip to Improve Your FEA

An experienced engineer doesn’t have some magic button to deliver great FEA. Masters of FEA trade-craft hoard many little tricks and nuggets of wisdom to deliver better FEA. These tricks yield better ways to detect human errors and ensure model reliability. Or methods to deliver faster results. Today we share six nuggets of wisdom for better FEA.
Example of a Stress Singularity

Trust Your Singularity

Why FEA Singularities Are Acceptable
Stress Results – Small Element Size

Mesh Size Does Matter

FEA Errors from Mesh Size
Example of FEA Results

How to Run FEA

An Overview of FEA Work
Example of FEA Mesh [2]

Five Minute FEA

How to Contract an FEA
In-Cad Simulation

FEA: A Beautiful Lie (Until Proven Otherwise)

The widespread availability of FEA
Duck with Waves

Why Don’t Boats Look Like Fish?

1.0 The Limitations of Mechanical
Maersk Propeller

Red Hot Bronze: How to Make a Ship’s Propeller

1.0 Introduction How do you

The True Cost of Steel

Steel is cheap.  No one cares about reducing the structure weight just to save on some steel costs, right?  WRONG!  And when you see the next bunkering bill, you will care too.

Ten Forgotten Uses for A Catamaran

1.0 Introduction Behold the lowly

Why Catamarans are Awesome

Consider the use of catamarans as massive industrial equipment.