How to Design a Ship

How to design a ship? How to go from a blank sheet of paper to a sensible design for a ship, when you have nothing to start with? So here are my secrets revealed.
Improve Engineering Value: Extract the Most from Engineering Simulations

Improve Engineering Value

We all want to feel good about paying for engineering analysis. Sometimes the best answer drives us to maximize value, rather than minimize cost. In those cases, you do better to go beyond basic safety and search for enhancements. Today we discuss four engineering tasks where you can maximize your value. Extract every last drop of knowledge from your engineering project.
Bow Shapes - Click Bait

Splitting Waves and Hairs: Comparing X-Bow, Axe Bow, and More

Axe bow, X-bow; slim size,
Graph: Hullform Design Space

How do I Select the Right Hull?

Monohull, catamaran, trimaran . .
Planing Hull Clickbait

Go FAST Boat: Pros and Cons of a Planing Hull

ZOOM!!!  No better way to
Control Fins on Bow of SWATH

Smooth Sailing: Pros and Cons of a SWATH Vessel

Welcome to luxury cruising.  Glide
Fred Olsen

Why You Want a Trimaran: Pros and Cons of a Trimaran

Three hulls are better than
Yacht Owners Cabin

Me and My Six Imaginary Friends: The Practicalities of Yacht Layouts

What distinguishes a yacht designer

Brilliant Stern Loading Landing Craft

A brilliant example of naval architecture at its finest. The stern landing craft!