Emergency Electric Propulsion

Designing an electric system requires more than just spinning a propeller. Much of an electric boat focuses around safety and emergency planning. This article covers several key decisions to design an electric system that delivers far more than propulsion. Instead, our electric system ensures reliable safety.
Ever Given Maneuvering Options

Ever Given: Maneuvering Options

How to maneuver a massive freighter into port? CAREFULLY. We design freighters around the scenario of open ocean passage at full speed. But each freighter needs to enter port, pass through canals, and a host of other precision maneuvers executed at a fraction of their design speed. How do massive commercial ships manage precision maneuvers every day?

Ever Given: What We Don’t Know

Like everyone else, I watched the story of the Ever Given and formed my own theories about what happened. Except I was wrong. As the events unfolded, new information came out and I learned the increasing complexity of the accident. Each time, I developed a new theory, which failed with new information. Over a year later, what is the answer? Let’s review what we know and still do not know about the Ever Given incident.
Extendable knuckle boom crane

Cranes on Ships: Introduction to Crane Integration

In the marine world, we see cranes daily; they are very useful pieces of equipment. Despite their common appearance, we need to remember their potential for disaster. Cranes on ships generate new, subtle risks for lifting operations. Unless you know what to look for, the risks can go undetected. This article reviews the major dangers of cranes on ships.

Strength and Stiffness: Design of Structural Foundations

No foundation is perfect. Each design reveals new insight and opportunities for further improvement. The art of foundation design finds an efficient arrangement to redistribute concentrated loads into the general ship structure. I review basic strategies for foundation design.

Propeller Blades: The Key to Efficiency Improvements

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Speed Demons – Clipper Ships

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World Fleet by Principal Vessel Tyipe

2017 Shipping Market Review

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Bubbles Are Bad: The Cause and Effects of Propeller Cavitation

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FEA Optimization

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Bulk Carriers and Ballast Water Treatment

I found this wonderful article that gives a great overview of bulk carriers.  A great reference to quickly understand the essential design aspects of a bulk carrier.

How Does a Drillship Work?

We all know that a drillship goes out and drills wells, but can you name all the steps required to drill that well?  Here are a series of fun videos that give an overview about how a drillship works.

Project Management

An overview of what you get with project management services.