Step 1

Start with a FREE consultation with DMS.  We discuss your project and potential solutions.  Learn the major engineering concerns for your plan.  And review the engineering tools we can use on your project (everything from low cost to premium accuracy).  We match the tools to your budget.

Step 2

DMS prepares a proposal for engineering services.  For some projects, we split this into two phases:

We provide a scope of work to get your feedback. This outlines our approach and shows the major tasks.

If you agree with our approach, we then prepare the full proposal which specifies exact details, deliverables, assumptions, and exclusions for the project.

You control the details for the work.  Want to save budget and handle some work in-house?  DMS can act in a mentoring capacity, providing oversight.  Want full engineering support?  DMS can perform full design, analysis, and provide construction drawings.  We customize the project to meet your goals.

Step 3

The project kicks off with an initial meeting (video conference, phone conference, or in person)
The meeting includes a technical discussion, where we highlight the relevant engineering points you need to consider. We specify nest steps and any information required.

Step 4

DMS performs engineering tasks to match your specifications. We provide weekly updates to keep you informed of our progress.  If the project changes, we can easily adapt and match our support for your needs.  Depending on the project, we can provide detailed reports, drawings, summaries, or even full 3D models. We tailor the output to match your needs, and the format of the output will be detailed in the proposal before work even begins. At all times, you will know what to expect and understand how that adds value to your ship.

Every major engineering report includes a short technical briefing.  These short presentations allow you to quickly integrate the engineering and make operational decisions.

Technical Briefing

Technical briefings form the heart of how DMS links engineering to business. No one wants to read long winded engineering reports.  DMS still must supply all the details in those engineering reports.  But you need faster project decisions and less time wasted on reports.  That is why DMS also provides a technical briefing with every major report. 

Technical briefings let you quickly gain awareness of the engineering results. DMS provides a short presentation, limited to the critical results, with a question and answer session afterward. All technical briefings address the same major subjects. We keep every session focused and on target.