200 Model Creation
100 GHS Interface

010 Introduction to GHS

Welcome to the first set of lessons.  This first video introduces the tutorial series and GHS in general.  We provide an overview of the course, and an introduction to GHS.  GHS is a very flexible program, allowing customized templates.  But the program has several quirk and procedures that are not intuitive.  For example, the introduction video covers the following non-intuitive items.

  • Knowledge resources are distributed across multiple locations.
  • The commands change, depending if you use an American or European coordinate system.
  • Several other items that are revealed in future videos.

Homework 011

A task to lookup the contents of the help file on several GHS commands. Solution provided in the homework files.

Course Outline

The videos are divided into several different sections.

100:  GHS Interface

200:  Model Creation

300:  Output Control

400:  Basic Hydrostatics

500:  Intact Stability Analysis

600:  Damage Stability Analysis

700:  Structural Analysis

800:  GHS Scripting

900:  Special Features