000 Introduction to GHS

110 Main Window

This section covers the GHS interface. How to actually interact with the program. Explains the main program window and formatting of GHS commands. The interface is a combination of buttons and command entries. Step 1: learn what all the buttons do. When I learned GHS strictly from the reference manual, I didn’t even notice the window and buttons. After taking a training class, I learned that these menus can be extremely helpful.

Homework 111

Use the help menu to lookup two simple GHS commands. Includes homework solution.

120 GHS Command Format

The command format is essential. GHS is a programming language. Like any programming language, it has syntax: a specific pattern for how to enter commands and specify values for those commands. Don’t overlook the importance of this. I have wasted several days trying to hunt down a bug in a GHS script only to discover that it was a problem with syntax and GHS interpreted the commands wrong.

Homework 121

Use wildcards to select the appropriate tanks for loading and unloading. Runfile provided to initialize the homework problem.
Solution also provided.