400 GHS Basic Hydrostatics
200 Model Creation

310 GHS Reports

What are reports?  How do you start and end a report?  How to preview a report?  And maybe I want to print a report?  We cover all these details in this video.

Homework 311

Introductory homework on reports. How to generate reports and how to turn off reports when you are finished. Includes homework files and solution files.

320 GHS Report Formatting

Formatting matters.  How do you control the format of the report output?  Learn how to control the formatting of your report through a few commands.  Create that perfect report format to match your hearts desire.

Homework 321

This homework covers formatting of reports. Shows you how to use GHS to create a report with pretty colored box formatting, how to add a subtitle, and how to create a custom table. The custom table includes headers and aligned columns.

330 Viewing GHS Reports

As you use GHS, you will view SOOOOO many reports.  This involves the report preview program.  You will use this preview to sort through hundreds of pages in your report.  Get comfortable with the report viewer.  Learn the hot keys and hidden features.  They will make your life easier.

Homework 331

A quick homework on how to use the report viewer. Specifically how to extract pictures from the report viewer for pasting from your clipboard. Also includes information on how to extract the raw data from the reports and use it in a spreadsheet application.

340 GHS Condition Graphics

Have you noticed that all the output from GHS is columns of numbers and text?  There are no graphics.  But wait!  Condition graphics will display a visual representation of your vessel.  And it does this in classic GHS fashion, by giving you plenty of customized control.  Control not only what you see, but also the format of how you see it.

Homework 341

This homework covers how to use condition graphics. This shows various ways to use condition graphics, such as generating profile and body views. Also shows how to generate body views as various section positions. Solution file is included with several examples.