600 Damage Stability Analysis
400 GHS Basic Hydrostatics

510 GHS Limits

How to construct stability limits in GHS.  Includes the basic command syntax and specific options on the following items.

  • Angle limits
  • Area limits
  • Area ratio limits
  • Righting arm limits
  • GM limits

Homework 511

Homework 511 covers how to develop limit statements. The homework includes several arbitrary limit statements that are created. These don’t represent any specific regulatory criteria; they only serve to demonstrate the capabilities of GHS limit statements. Homework and solution files included in download.

Edit 1: If you apply the stability limits directly as the homework requires, GHS will throw an error. The area limits require a minimum area of 0.573 ft-deg. Please adjust your limit requirements accordingly.

Download Homework 511

520 GHS GZ Curve

How to construct a GZ curve in GHS.  Also called a righting arm curve in GHS.  Includes instructions on how to apply stability limits to evaluate the stability criteria while constructing the righting arm.

Homework 521

Homework 521 works with the various ways to develop the GZ curve. There are several implementations of how to use the GZ curve and specification of the heel angles used to develop it. Download includes homework file and solutions.

530 GHS Heeling Moments

How to implement the various types of heeling moments in GHS.  This includes the following.

  • Wind heeling moments
  • Turning heeling moments
  • Arbitrary heeling moments

Also provides an explanation of the WIND command in GHS and how the gust parameter affects the heeling moments.

Homework 531

This homework covers how to specify heeling moments in GHS. Includes the turning moments, wind moments, an arbitrary moment, and even tank heeling moments. You can also see how the heeling moment reports differ for each type of heeling moment developed. Download includes homework files and solution.

540 IMO Wind Roll in GHS

Discusses specifically how to apply the IMO severe wind and roll criteria in GHS.  This is a tricky criteria that requires an exact command sequence in GHS to work correctly.

Homework 541

Homework 541 covers the IMO severe wind and roll criteria. This is a tricky one that requires a specific sequence of commands to work correctly. The homework covers that sequence of commands. The criteria is developed, a wind heeling moment is applied, and then GZ curve is developed. Also covers how to develop the same IMO criteria for a MaxVCG analysis. Download includes homework files and solution.

550 GHS Max VCG

How to run a max VCG analysis in GHS.  This includes variation by draft or displacement.  Also covers trim variation.

Homework 541

Explains the MaxVCG analysis in GHS. Shows how to run this analysis for variation of draft and for variation of displacement. Also covers how to introduce different trim angles into the analysis. When you run this analysis, pay special attention to the length of time required for run to complete. This is one of the few GHS commands where run time is still a consideration. Download includes homework files and solution.