800 GHS Scripting

910 GHS Grounding

The grounding analysis covers how to define ground points in GHS.  This can be useful for docking analysis or salvage work.  Part of the vessel weight gets carried by contact with a ground point.  You can also combine these with longitudinal strength analysis to look at stresses on the hull.

Homework 911

Homework 911 covers how to use ground points to perform a docking analysis.  You define four simple ground locations.  And then change the depth of water to slowly drop the water level until the vessel is supported almost entirely on the blocks.

Edit 1:  The ground points defined in the video will cause trouble with the barge hull form.  (When you see them plotted in condition graphics, you will understand.)  Instead, use the following ground points.

Block 1
X = 10.0 m
Y = 0.0 m
Z = Minimum point

Block 2
X = 50.0 m
Y = 8.0 m stbd
Z = Minimum point

Block 3
X = 50.0 m
Y = 8.0 m port
Z = Minimum point

Block 4
X = 89.0 m
Y = 0.0 m
Z = Minimum Point

Edit 2:  Simply changing the drafts will not work in this case.  Draft will only change the waterplane, but not the location of the grounding blocks.  Instead, you must use the Depth command.  This is one of the few times where it is appropriate to use the depth command.  You will also need to reset the depth of the vessel between runs.  Use Solve Depth.  If any doubts, refer to the GHS manual.  There is also a good tutorial example on GHS port.com.

Download includes homework files and solution.