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Project Scope

The market for small passenger vessels exploded.  Businesses saw a major need for small and simple party boats, and our Client rose to meet this demand.  With one major problem.  To carry more than 12 passengers on federal waters, a boat must have a certificate of inspection (COI).  This is a rigorous review process by the US Coast Guard that subjects the boat to exacting standards far above normal requirements for a yacht of similar size.  To obtain their COI, the Client turned to DMS for extensive engineering support.

DMS prepared numerous drawings and engineering analysis to document the vessel and prove safety in all categories of the design:

  • Vessel structure
  • Electrical system
  • Piping system
  • Steering system
  • Stability analysis
  • Draft marks

The competitive advantage to this was obvious.  Without a COI, the vessel can't operate on federal waters.  But with a COI, we can carry large groups of passengers, greatly multiplying the revenue from a single ship.  Basic economic analysis showed the purchase price could pay back within one year.

Return on Investment

The COI process was a huge investment for our Client.  So DMS developed a strategy to provide maximum return on investment.

  1. Everything was documented to easily extend the COI approvals to copies of this boat.  Minimal engineering required for the next boat.
  2. The vessel was permitted freedom for the deck layouts.  Safety systems remain the same, but the furniture can be customized to every ship.


Our Client included several features that were unique and made them stand apart from the crowd.  DMS incorporated these features into the design, preserving brand value.

  1. The design includes a second deck.  This is very rare for pontoon boats of this size.  It requires careful attention to vessel stability.
  2. Large passenger capacity.
  3. Watertight bulkheads for extreme survival.  This was not required for a vessel of this size.

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