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Hydrofoil Design
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Project Scope

Our client had a vision:  to produce a vacation resort made from many small floating homes.  Forget a cabin on the beach.  Imagine traveling past the beach!  Take your small dingy out to enjoy solitude in the serene beauty of a Caribbean bay.  All completely sustainable, with rain water harvesting, solar energy, and flush accommodations inside.  The perfect getaway for the family.

Everyone else thought this was too risky.  DMS worked with our Client to go from risky idea to safe design.  We ensured basic safety and allowed our Client the freedom to experiment with ship systems like the rainwater harvesting and solar energy.  DMS focused on the structures and vessel stability.  We also cooperated with the interior designer to work our structure around the interior layout.  In the end, we created a unique and safe design that allowed our Client the freedom to move to the next step.

Return on Investment

DMS also worked closely with our Client to address several practical concerns:

  1. We knew the vessel construction may happen in a shipyard with limited facilities.  We designed the entire ship to be very simple.  Anyone with a cutting torch and a welder could build this.  (Maybe a crane as well.)  No expensive equipment required.  This gave our Client great flexibility when selecting a shipyard.
  2. For more flexibility, we designed the vessel for towing in the open ocean.  The ship could be built anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico and towed to its final location.
  3. Hurricane survival was a major concern.  Our Client found an island with a protected shallow water lagoon.  We designed the ship with an extremely shallow draft to enter this lagoon.  The entire ship could be ballasted to rest on the seabed in this lagoon.  This protected the ship from the worst of storm surge and ensure it remained on location after the hurricane.

These practical features made for a feasible design and a more profitable business plan.

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