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Project Scope

DMS designed an experimental hydrofoil for our Client.  Traditional hydrofoils require expensive control systems and elaborate calculations, which put them beyond the resources of the average private yacht owner.

But our Client saw an opportunity.  Could we design a hydrofoil to assist an existing planing hull and improve performance?  Our Client had an existing vessel and wanted to retrofit a hydrofoil to test this idea.  DMS took this vision and forged it into reality.

Business Advantage

DMS focused on proven performance and practicality with this hydrofoil. 

  1. We started by analyzing the combined performance of the hydrofoil and planing hull.  A comparison between the baseline hull and hydrofoil augmented design showed a power reduction of 27% at the targeted speed.
  2. We also considered the manufacturing capabilities when selecting materials and hydrofoil design.  Rather than use exotic materials requiring expensive fabricators, we developed a simpler design that used the combined skills of welders and fiberglass technicians.  Skills that were readily available for our Client.
  3. We understood this was an experimental design.  We worked with our Client to include flexibility in the design.  The hydrofoil easily changed its pitch angle.  The outer foils can be easily removed and exchanged.  This enhancement allowed our Client the freedom to explore and learn for themselves.

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