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Project Scope

Our Client had a very short schedule and wanted performance improvements to their agitator design, with a small budget.  The goal was to increase propeller performance, which allowed our Client to compete against other agitator designs.

DMS worked with our Client to create a hybrid engineering approach.  To minimize the project budget, we provided partial design of the propeller for manure agitation.  Rather than full optimization, we only targeted moderate improvement.  The Client then conducted prototype testing of our design.  This created several benefits:

  1. Lower engineering costs
  2. Faster product development
  3. Increased education and knowledge for the Client
  4. A clear path for future developments.

Return on Investment

DMS delivered flexible engineering, which helped our Client in several regions.

Production Schedule

This project involved an aggressive production schedule. DMS considered the need for fast development in each potential design iteration. The goal was not to develop a perfect propeller. DMS worked with our Client to deliver reliable improvements, within the constraints of their schedule.

Simplified Manufacturing

Most propeller designs require detailed casting and machining to fabricate. DMS took the time to understand the manufacturing capabilities for our Client. We created simple design that could be created from flat plate and a few plate bends.

System Integration

A major part of the propeller design required integration with existing hydraulic motors. DMS worked with our Client to identify the available hydraulic motors and custom tune the propeller to remain within the limits of these motors. We also considered the relative cost of different hydraulic motors, avoiding any unecessary requirements for expensive motors.

At all stages, our Client was informed about the potential challenges and benefits for each option.

Related Services

Propeller Sizing

Basic propeller sizing uses standard propeller shapes to select the appropriate parameters. Advantage: your propeller absorbs maximum power from the motor.

Detailed Propeller Optimization

Want a custom optimized propeller? We start with a standard propeller and then used advanced analysis (Blade Element Momentum and CFD) to optimize every inch of the propeller.

Full Propulsion System Integration

The best propulsion matches capabilities of the motor, propeller, reduction gear, and all other components. DMS can integrate all these components to ensure each device works at peak efficiency. End result: lower fuel costs.