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Project Scope

Initially, we hoped that a full stability test would not be required.  So DMS adopted a two-stage assessment plan:

  1. Stability assessment only.  Determine if we need a fully stability test or just a light ship survey.
  2. Incorporate the results of the stability test and perform the full stability assessment for USCG approval.

DMS completed the stability assessment, including:

  1. Develop stability model
  2. Regulatory research
  3. Intact stability analysis
  4. Damage stability analysis
  5. Develop load cases
  6. Maximum KG analysis

The results ultimately revealed that a stability test was required.

Return on Investment

Stability tests are a major disruption to the vessel, and the only thing worse than a stability test is getting it wrong and repeating the test.  This is why DMS goes the extra distance.  We focus on the small details, collect extra data, and perform additional checks to ensure you get accurate results the first time.

  • We arrive with a plan, which can be flexible and adapt to the circumstances.
  • We take extra measurements, allowing us identify and throw-out bad measurements when reviewing the results.
  • We document all downflooding points, which is required for later analysis.
  • Preliminary results are available on the day of the test.

When on-site, DMS collects all the data we need for the stability test, and more.  We identify anything required for follow-on analysis and collect that information as well.  This means less disruptions to your ship, less trips, and less engineering costs.

What Makes a Good Stability Test

A full stability test consist of three major phases:

  1. Prepare stability test procedure.
    1. Obtain USCG approval of procedure.
  2. Conduct stability test.
    1. Preliminary results were presented on the day of the test.
  3. Prepare stability test report.

Most stability tests require flexibility, adapting to changing circumstances.  When we arrived on site, DMS discovered that the ship center of gravity did not match the estimated position, which completely changed the test plan.  Within one day, DMS adjusted the test plan, calculating new positions for the test weights, removing excess deadweight, and working around the weather.  In the end, we obtained 100% reliable test results.

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