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Side view of pontoon vessel - with sunset
COI Pontoon Passenger Vessel

Project Scope

DMS had the opportunity to reimagine a piece of history.  Our Client wanted to restore an old party barge.  This was a luxury vessel, designed to host lavish parties on the river.  The original ship fell into disrepair and got decommissioned.  But the main hull survived, and with a barge, the main hull forms the majority of the structure.

DMS worked with our Client to redesign and rebuild the party barge.  We surveyed the existing hull and built up from the existing vessel structure.  She got a new superstructure and upper deck.  But with a modern look.

We took the chance to update the vessel style and equipment.  All modern electronics, including a new radar arch.  Brand new outfitting.  Premium luxury the whole way.  We replaced the original design with a more subtle style.   Still true to the original design, an homage to the history of the vessel.  But with a little more elegance and the benefit of modern materials.  Faux wood and stainless steel railings.  More subtle paint scheme.  This was a ship from the past, rebuilt for the future.

Return on Investment

Unique Design

The best hallmark for luxury:  create something truly unique that no one else has.  To that end, DMS redesigned the spiral staircase on the stern, forging something without precedent.  We eliminated the central support.  All the steps were suspended on tiny rods.  It formed a perfectly safe and rigid staircase.  But the eye filters out and diminished the appearance of the rods.  End result, the stairs almost appear to float in mid-air.  

The engineering behind this was a challenge.  We had to check every little detail and really focus on the assembly sequence.  But DMS enjoys challenges.  This was a lot of fun to create something unique.


Focused Engineering

Our Client already had a team of skilled boatbuilders.  They didn't need every detail engineered.  They just needed the basic structure and safety checks.  Other designers may demand full control.  But DMS trusted our Client.  We only created a basic layout.  Sufficient to estimate the outfitting weight.  But we left the details to the Client.  We simply provided the safety limits, and allowed them the freedom to flourish their skills and imagination within those limits.

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