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Anyone that does construction work for the Army Core of Engineers has probably encountered the requirements for a naval architect analysis (NAA).  The NAA is a requirement for any ship or barge that uses a crane for lifting.  (This includes excavators on a barge.)  DMS provided NAA support for a construction Client to ensure they remained on schedule.



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Project Scope

Our Client needed a fast turn-around on this project.  DMS conducted a stability analysis on two barges, which contained excavators.  These barges supported construction work on an Army Core of Engineers (COE) job.

The COE requires a naval architect analysis (NAA) for any ship or barge that contains a crane.  (Reference:  EM385-1-1, section 16.L)  The NAA requires a combination of stability analysis and structural assessment.  The NAA guards against three major dangers:

  1. Vessel capsizes, resulting in loss of crane and vessel.  Massive insurance claims.
  2. Crane breaks through deck of vessel.  Damage to vessel and lost project time.
  3. Regulators issue stop work order.  Results in delays of weeks to obtain appropriate engineering approval.
Agitation Propeller

Profile View of Stability Model

Customer Satisfaction

DMS delivered flexible engineering, which helped our Client in several regions.  

1. Incomplete Documentation

Many older barges do not have all their documentation.  This is common for any used equipment.  Files go missing, drawings get tossed out.  DMS found a way to supplement the minimal documentation with surveys and conservative assumptions.  We completed our analysis without recreating any documentation. 

Sometimes, the goal is not perfect documentation.  In this case, conservative estimates allowed our Client to get back to work, with minimal interruption to schedule.  DMS takes the time to understand your priorities, and we customize our project to those needs.

2. Rapid Development

Throughout the process, our Client needed results before engineering was completed.  DMS developed a staged approach that allowed our Client to continue work, while we finished the engineering.  We worked with the regulators to understand their concerns and first obtain temporary authorization.  A few weeks later, we delivered a full engineering analysis for permanent authorization to continue.  When weeks mean millions in lost revenue, DMS works with your priorities in mind.

3.  Emergency Engineering

DMS conducted an emergency lightweight survey for our Client.  They received a stop work order and needed the engineering completed immediately.  With less than 24 hr notice, we traveled to the Client’s site and conducted an emergency lightweight survey.  DMS then worked through the weekend to complete our analysis.  By Monday morning, the Client had the required engineering to prove safe operations and continue work.  In total, our Client only lost two days of project time.  DMS understands.  Engineering should not burden the project schedule.

Excavator Stability Test

Excavator on Barge:  NAA Required

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