Oil Barge Stability

Our client modified a fleet of oil barges to perform bunkering operations.  These barges were originally classed under subchapter D and O.  DMS supported stability assessment, with the goal to obtain certificate of inspection for service as a bunkering barge classed under subchapter O.


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Stability Assessment

The barges were reconfigured for bunkering operations.  They included new machinery on deck, all carefully designed to avoid hazardous areas.  DMS worked to provide stability assessment reports for each of the barges.  

The main challenge for these reports were the regulatory requirements.  Barges rated for subchapter O require consideration for damage stability, intact stability, and longitudinal strength.  But these barges were reclassified for subchapter D only.  DMS worked with USCG to obtain a specific set of requirements and addressed any USCG comments.

Working with Coast Guard

The project evolved and grew.  Changes in the scope of work required several revisions to the stability assessment.  DMS supported our client throughout the process, preparing fast turn-arounds for each revision.

DMS also worked to develop a partnership with the US Coast Guard (USCG).  It can be critical to have close partnerships with USCG regulators.  DMS kept the USCG informed and worked to ensure smooth handover of information.

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