Trimaran Resistance Study

DMS conducted a resistance estimate on a small trimaran vessel for use in powering calculations.  Our client faced a limited budget, but we were able to devise a combination of standard series calculations and slender ship theory methods to deliver results within the expected budget.



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Scope of Work

DMS performed a resistance estimate on the hullform to determine the resistance as designed.  We then employed a genetic optimization program to determine the optimum hull position.  We then completed another set of resistance estimates for the final optimum configuration.  All results were summarized within a report with extensive comment about the explanation for each feature in the resistance curve.

  • Results included multiple trim angles
  • Results included multiple resistance speeds
  • Optimization runs utilized a velocity weighted approach

Most resistance estimate methods are pocketed with limitations.  They only work within a specific set of conditions.  DMS was careful to comment on those technical limitations in our final report.  This allowed our client to perform their own risk assessment and segment the reliability of the data, based on their own needs.

Technical Capabilities

DMS employed a range of technical capabilities on this project.  We used several different resistance estimate methods to create a composite analysis.  This composite comparison allowed greater confidence in the final resistance predictions.

  • Savitsky planing standard series
  • Maxsurf slender body theory
  • Michlet slender body theory
    • GODZILLA utilized for optimum ama positions

Client Support

During the project evolution, some communication challenges arose.  Instead of hiding behind our contract, DMS chose to go the extra mile.  We submitted several revisions of our report and solicited feedback from our client.  The final report delivered a powerful recommendation for our client with robust scientific evidence to support all conclusions.  

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