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Seakeeping, stability, structures, and more.  This highlights just some of my relevant work experience over the years.  Learn more about how I can apply my extensive knowledge to support your project success.


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Art Anderson Associates

US Navy, SBIR, Landing Craft Concept Design

Research project, including concept design of innovative landing craft vessel.  Landing craft featured standard beaching operations.  Innovation included the ability to link multiple landing craft together as a long train of vessels for improved fuel economy.  Work included CFD resistance analysis for vessels in multiple trim conditions.

NOAA, Vessel Tank Survey

Inspection and detailed dimensioning of vessel tanks to update vessel stability models for multiple ships in NOAA fleet.  Updated stability information created accurate tank sounding tables.

Detailed Design of Floating Surface Collector

Detailed design of floating surface collector, which was a unique device for collecting juvenile salmon near hydro-electric dams.  Detailed design included structural design and stability analysis.  Stability analysis included damage stability.

FEA Foundation Design – Floating Surface Collector

FEA Analysis of critical mooring foundations on floating surface collector.  Analysis incorporated multiple load components and multiple load cases.


Elliott Bay Design Group

Detailed Design of Floating Surface Collector

Detailed design of floating surface collector, which was a unique device for collecting juvenile salmon near hydro-electric dams.  Detailed design included structural design and stability analysis.

Loading Spreadsheet, Alaska Marine Highway System

Created a customized spreadsheet for calculating loading conditions on the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) ferries.  Spreadsheet automatically calculated tank loads, vessel hydrostatics, and checked stability limits.  Implemented spreadsheet for every vessel in the AMHS fleet, with customizations for each vessel.

John Day Locks CFD Analysis

CFD analysis to simulate vessels rising in locks for forensic investigation.  Analysis revealed previously undetected forces that contributed to vessel incident.

CFD Trim Optimization Study

High precision CFD analysis to determine the optimum trim conditions for minimum fuel economy on a cargo vessel.  CFD analysis included validation to prove that CFD results accurately resolved the small differences reflected in the analysis.

Yacht Stern Optimization CFD Study

Rapid CFD study to correct a running trim problem for a yacht client.  Developed CFD free to trim model of vessel, verified accuracy and iterated through numerous potential solutions to correct running trim.  Final solution included addition of an inverted foil to the stern of the vessel to act as a spoiler.  Enter CFD project from start to finish was completed in 72 hours.

Fishing Vessel Stability Analysis

Stability analysis of various fishing vessels, under US Coast Guard rules.  This included uninspected vessels, inspected vessels, and alternative compliance vessels.  Analysis included submittal for USCG review and preparation of stability letter for USCG to incorporate into Certificate of Inspection.

Passenger Vessel Stability Analysis

Stability analysis of various passenger vessels and ferries.  Included vessels classed under Subchapter H and T of the US Coast Guard.  Analysis included intact and damage stability, submittal to USCG, and preparation of trim and stability booklet.

Fatigue FEA of ATB Connector

FEA analysis of articulated tug barge (ATB) connector for fatigue concerns.  Final analysis identified several fatigue points.  Work included design of new ATB foundation to resist further fatigue.


Dockwise USA

Wheatstone Project

Loadout analysis and transport engineering for approximately 50 voyages to transport cargo modules of gas liquefaction plant.  Transport analysis included ballast plans, stability analysis, seafastening, and cargo securing manuals.


Alan C. McClure Associates

Cameron, Jaguar CFD Analysis

CFD analysis of jackup wind overturning moment. Directly responsible for all CFD analysis and presentation of results. 

This was significant as the first CFD analysis for this type of structure intended for ABS approval, with the goal of eventually replacing the block coefficient method.  

I developed a CFD test program to determine results, prove the validity of the CFD methods, and defended the CFD program with ABS to seek Approval in Principal.  

Gold Coast Yachts, Quadmaran

CFD seakeeping analysis for prediction of motions and stresses on unique vessel concept. Followed by FEA global hull analysis of composite structure. Directly responsible for all CFD and FEA tasks. Also primary project manager for project.

Safe Marine Transfer

Supported design, HAZID, and HAZOP of innovative well injection barge.  Barge transport well injection chemicals to wellhead site and then submerged to seafloor.  Descent was controlled through tugs and two catengary chain cables.

I developed a CFD motions analysis to confirm safe and controlled descent of the barge.  Test conditions included cross currents and different water depths.  Motions analysis included development of a new catenary cable model, coupled with the CFD computations.


CH2M Hill, Passing Ship Analysis of Oil Dock 15

Developed seakeeping and mooring analysis of vessels tied to dock. Analyzed line stresses and vessel motions. Included weather, passing ship analysis, and tidal analysis.

Ryan Marine, Draft Mark Survey

Vessel survey to determine draft mark position. Plus live vessel loading study to determine hydrostatic properties.

Lloyd Engineering, SPM Preliminary Mooring Analysis

Mooring analysis for single point mooring and design of catenary anchor cables.

Canyon Offshore, XMAS Tree Deployment Analysis

Seakeeping analysis to determine XMAS tree deployment limits. Included modeling of active heave compensation. Modeled package transfer through splash zone, water column, and near seabed.

Quark, Project Vinson Polar Class Passenger Vessel

Part of owner’s representative team. Attended model tests. Reviewed seakeeping analysis, CFD analysis, and various naval architecture drawings for class submittal.

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