3D Modeling

3D modeling is the next big advance in design.  As vessels become more complicated, the demand for 2D drawings increases exponentially.  We require more and more 2D drawings to describe a ship, adding to designer time and costs.  

The solution to this problem was 3D modeling.  3D models allow better collaboration between departments, faster design revisions, and less corrections during construction.

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3D modeling offers better efficiency.  The design originates with the 3D model, and 2D drawings generate from that model.  This allows designers to effectively create three drawings for each model (3 views).  Our modeling software can rapidly convert the 3D model into 2D drawings.  And the 3D model serves as the center of organization, showing all the details of interacting systems and interferences.

DMS has a wide array of 3D modelling software, each tailored to specific needs.  The best service results from collaboration between all the software, utilizing the best qualities of each:

  1. Rhino 3D: 3D surface models.  Excellent modeling program for general marine structures.  Can model assemblies large and small.  Also includes capabilities for realistic 3D rendered images.  Excellent for projects when you require a quick model to convey a concept.  Skilled designers also use this to develop precise engineering models.
  2. Autodesk Inventor: 3D solid models.  Useful when you require more accuracy from your modeling program.  Excellent for assembling component parts and creating 2D drawings from the model.  The program automatically maintains associativity between the 3D model and 2D drawing, making future revisions a breeze.
  3. Maxsurf Modeler: Specialized software to model faired hull lines.  Also used as an input for stability analysis, structural design, and the full line of Maxsurf naval architecture software.  Excellent collaboration with Rhino 3D.

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