For over 10 years, I studied the marine industry and asked ship owners, “How would you improve cooperation between ship owners and engineers?”  In general, ship owners wanted engineers with more experience on ships.

  • People who live maritime culture.
  • People who know practical solutions to problems.
  • People that understand economic limits of their companies.

And the best person to do that job is YOU.  Every ship and every captain are unique.  For example, an engineer with 20 years working in the navy can’t apply most of their experience to fishing fleets.  You are the best person for the job, because you already understand the intricacies of exactly what you want.

At DMS, I integrate under your command and help you make smart decisions.  

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You Make the Decisions

Rather than taking the project away from you, I enable you to have more control over the entire project, from purchasing through engineering.  As the engineer, my job is to explain the rules.  But I leave the decisions to you. 

These rules can include regulations, physics, best design practices, etc.  You have your own rules:  crew outfitting, captain preferences, local knowledge for certain routes.  I only add to the rules you already know, enabling you to make the best decisions.


You call.  I answer.*

In our fast paced culture, we can’t wait two days for an engineer to respond to a single email.  At DMS, I respond to your emails and phone calls (even if I can only say that I need to look into a matter further).  

Being responsive also means being frank and honest.  I warn you if the engineering is not 100% reliable, usually due to sketchy information. 

At DMS, I support my work, and I support you.

* Responsiveness within reasonable expectations.  I maintain regular business hours, and very rarely the office is closed.


I fit under your organization to improve your success. 

Don’t have all the drawings?  I can work around that.

Vessel not available for inspection?  There are other solutions.

I don’t have a rigid culture, demanding that you follow me.  Instead, I follow your lead.  


My job is to provide you options and bring your ideas into reality.  Much of my past experience focused on novel ship concepts and tightly constrained modifications.  This made me an expert in the design process

As part of that expertise, I bring a variety of different engineering techniques to solve your problems.  If you can dream it, I can design it.  Usually, via two or three different options.  With all that flexibility, we can almost always find something to fit your needs and budget.

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