Vessel Technical Drawings

Drawings are the lifeblood and language of an engineering office.  At DMS, we can generate any range of drawings from concept design level to detailed construction and modifications. 


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Image credit:  Victor Hernandez

Technical drawings are a form of visual communication.  The goal is to clearly convey a concept, with simplicity and no confusion.  What do you want drawn?  Some examples include:

  • General arrangement drawing
  • Vessel profile
  • Midship section
  • Fire and safety plan
  • Machinery arrangement drawing
  • Compartment modifications
  • Structural scantling plans
  • Deployment plans
  • Shell development drawings
  • Much, much more

DMS uses a combination of 3D models and 2D drawings to quickly create complex views.  We develop AutoCAD templates, dynamic blocks, and macros to improve our drafting speed.  Small time savers like this add to create a large cost reduction for you.

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