Structural Design

The ship structure keeps the water on the outside. But how to get stronger structures at a reasonable budget? DMS employs a range of automation techniques to reduce the labor costs.

Hull Scantlings

Scantlings is a general term for sizing all the components of your hull structure. They require a combination of regulatory finesse and physics knowledge to optimize your hull.

Fatigue Analysis

All vessels eventually end with fatigue. DMS can transform this threat into an opportunity for service life extension.

Composite Structural Analysis

Sometimes you need more from your ship structure. With composite structures, we tailor the material to match your needs and create a nearly perfect structure..

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

FEA allows us to analyze any array of complex structures. This yields new designs and reduced structure weight.

Vessel Stability

When extreme weather strikes, vessel stability is the safety system that protects you. Keep your crew safe.

Trim and Stability Update

After every major vessel modification, you need to update the vessel’s stability. Intact stability, damage stability, IMO requirements. We do it all. DMS provides a FREE loading condition spreadsheet with each major project.

Hydrostatics Modeling

Hydrostatic modeling is the first step in any stability analysis. DMS employs efficient hull modeling for efficient engineering.

Trim and Stability Booklet

The trim and stability booklet creates an operating manual for your ship. DMS creates helpful manuals that actually get used. All T&S books include a FREE loading condition spreadsheet to help with voyage planning.

Stability Test

The stability test determines the weight and center of gravity for your ship, which is a critical first step in any stability analysis.  At DMS, you get preliminary results on the day of the test.

Light Ship Survey

Light ship surveys check on your weight growth. DMS utilizes computer systems to log our light ship survey and provide fast results. You get preliminary results that same day.

Advanced Engineering

Better tools mean better results. When the average fails to impress, DMS brings out our expertise in advanced engineering.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

We exist in a world of motion, a world of fluid dynamics. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) allows engineers to understand the world and identify new solutions.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

FEA allows us to analyze any array of complex structures. This yields new designs and reduced structure weight. DMS validates every FEA model for accuracy.

Composite Finite Element Analysis

When you require detailed control over your structure, DMS offers composite finite element analysis. The benefits of composites plus FEA.

Seakeeping Analysis

Too many days lost to bad weather? With seakeeping analysis, DMS can control your ship motions and get you back on hire.

Vessel Design

Design is the synthesis of engineering to create business advantages for the future.

Concept Design and Optimization

Our concept design tool allows us to start with best practices, but then automatically optimize variations from that starting point.  Let DMS explore the horizon and find your next ship concept.

Vessel Mission Studies

Before you can design the ship, you need to design the mission.  A mission study progresses from a vague goal to a set of concrete parameters for a new concept design.

Ballast Water Management

There are several different technologies for ballast water treatment.  Good operation depends on selecting the right system for your application.

Vessel Modifications

Vessels change a lot during their life.  You need an engineer to provide some constructive guidance on all that change.

Vessel Powering

The ship needs an engine, but what size? DMS can select the appropriate engine for your vessel.

Resistance Estimate

The resistance estimate predicts the vessel resistance at various speeds.  This is the first step in calculating your fuel burn rate.

Trim Optimization

On larger ships, even a 1% reduction in fuel consumption means huge savings. DMS can optimize the vessel trim to save on fuel costs.

Design Services

Drawings and 3D models. This is the language of engineering.

3D Modeling

DMS offers 3D Modeling services. Fast and artistic, or precise and technical. We offer it all.

3D Rendering

Don’t underestimate the power of a good 3D rendering. DMS captures shadow, texture, reflections, and more.

Vessel Technical Drawings

Drawings are the language of an engineering office. At DMS, we can generate any range of drawings to suit your needs.

Custom Solutions

Projects can be very unique.  This is where DMS excels. We spent the last decade developing solutions to unique problems.  I have a smooth process for creating solutions.


Extensive communication to understand your problems and goals


Review similar industry examples


Develop a plan of attack to minimize risks and control project budget


Develop solutions

  • Validate our solutions
  • Test that the solutions apply to your situation

Solve your problem.