GHS Tutorials: Intact and Damage Stability

How to perform a stability analysis in GHS? These tutorials explain the process.

Wave Power May Allow Skype for Sailors

Imagine a technology that delivers cheap and reliable vessel communications with land.  Bandwidth high enough for every sailor to enjoy daily video conferencing with their loved ones.

Ten Forgotten Uses for A Catamaran

1.0 Introduction Behold the lowly

Bulk Carriers and Ballast Water Treatment

I found this wonderful article that gives a great overview of bulk carriers.  A great reference to quickly understand the essential design aspects of a bulk carrier.

Why Catamarans are Awesome

Consider the use of catamarans as massive industrial equipment.

More GHS Tutorials: Reports And Hydrostatics

General Hydrostatics (GHS):  The de facto standard software for hydrostatics and stability in the USA. Watch these tutorials to learn GHS.
CFD of Bulbous Bow

The Limits of Bulbous Bows

Bulbous bows are not miracle devices. They only work under specific circumstances. Understand the limits of bulbous bows.

How Does a Drillship Work?

We all know that a drillship goes out and drills wells, but can you name all the steps required to drill that well?  Here are a series of fun videos that give an overview about how a drillship works.

Do Bulbous Bows Really Work?

This video provides a quick introduction to bulbous bows.
Newcastle Towing Tank

Understanding Ship Model Testing

Your beautiful new ship is
Job Hunting Sign

Finding a Job When No One is Hiring

Advice for unconventional places to find a job for naval architects. Useful when the the economy is slow.
Extreme Roll

Extreme Stability

Ship stability is not about operations in normal weather. See a few examples of how stability protects you from extreme emergencies.
Ship Capsize

Stability Decay

Did you know that a perfectly stable vessel can become unstable and useless?  Understand how stability decay affects your vessel life.

Brilliant Stern Loading Landing Craft

A brilliant example of naval architecture at its finest. The stern landing craft!