Strength and Stiffness: Design of Structural Foundations

No foundation is perfect. Each design reveals new insight and opportunities for further improvement. The art of foundation design finds an efficient arrangement to redistribute concentrated loads into the general ship structure. I review basic strategies for foundation design.

Six Ways to Break the Ship

Why are ship structures so labor intensive to design? Engineers need to anticipate multiple methods of failure, which makes a lot of work. The trick of efficient structural analysis focuses on recognizing which methods of failure are likely in each scenario. This article reveals six major methods of structural failure, with examples of common applications. Because it will be the failure mode you didn’t consider that ultimately leads to catastrophe.
Example of FEA Mesh [2]

Six Tip to Improve Your FEA

An experienced engineer doesn’t have some magic button to deliver great FEA. Masters of FEA trade-craft hoard many little tricks and nuggets of wisdom to deliver better FEA. These tricks yield better ways to detect human errors and ensure model reliability. Or methods to deliver faster results. Today we share six nuggets of wisdom for better FEA.
Plate Bending - Medium Resolution Mesh

Six Keys to Better Marine FEA

Tips to Improve Your FEA
Example of a Stress Singularity

Trust Your Singularity

Why FEA Singularities Are Acceptable
Stress Results – Small Element Size

Mesh Size Does Matter

FEA Errors from Mesh Size
Example of an FEA Stress Plot [1]

Reviewing FEA Analysis

Get The Most From Your
Example of FEA Results

How to Run FEA

An Overview of FEA Work
Example of FEA Mesh [2]

Five Minute FEA

How to Contract an FEA
In-Cad Simulation

FEA: A Beautiful Lie (Until Proven Otherwise)

The widespread availability of FEA

FEA Optimization

Skynet is ready to perform