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Work ABB Oy Merenkulkijankatu 1 Helsinki 00980 Finland Company Phone: +35 810 222 2859 Work Fax: +35 810 222 2350 Website: Company Website


Need an azipod?  They are ship propulsors driven by electric motors, mounted external to the hull.  The entire motor azimuths.  This allows you to develop maximum thrust in any direction and offers great vessel maneuverability.  ABB offers azipods in several different sizes


Taken from ABB Website:

The improved fuel efficiency of the Azipod propulsion is based on the optimum water flow to the propellers due to pulling propellers. Compared to the normal shaft line vessel the improvement in hydrodynamic efficiency can be up to 15 % depending on the application.

Due to azimuthing thruster principle the Azipod vessel has an excellent manoeuvrability characteristics. This improves the vessel safety but as well minimizes the harbour manoeuvring time and can in some cases may eliminate the need of harbour tug assistance.

The azimuthing electric propulsion has proved to be the most efficient propulsion system in ice breakers. Further with Azipod it is possible to build ice going cargo vessels, which can operate without ice breaker assistance.

Azipod propulsion is based on electric propulsion concept where generator sets can be freely located to the vessel. Further many systems inside the ship hull (propulsion motors, long shaftlines,stern thrusters and rudders) are not needed. This gives a lot of freedom to the ship design and construction. Space can be saved inside the vessel which can be used for extra payload or even may make it possible to build a smaller ship. From shipbuilding poit of view a lot of installation hours can be saved due to simpler construction.

Azipod product family includes the following products

– Azipod CO: Open water applications up to 4.5 MW

– Azipod XO: Open water applications up to 20 MW

– Azipod CZ: Thruster unit for high thrust applications, 4.5 MW

– Azipod VI: Ice going ship applications for different ice classes

– Azipod XC: Azipod for Contra Rotating applications


You can find more information about azipods on ABB’s website:

For more information on ABB in general, go to their general website:


You can find full contact details for each country on ABB’s website:

The following contact information is specific to U.S.A.


Name:  Antti Lehtela

Phone:  +35 810 222 2859

Fax: +35 810 222 2350



Merenkulkijankatu 1

00980 Helsinki

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