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Alaskan Copper and Brass

Work 27402 72nd Ave South Kent WA 98032 USA Company Phone: +1 206 623 5800 Company Phone: +1 800 552 7661 Work Fax: +1 253 796 2771 Website: Company Website


Despite the name, Alaskan Copper and Brass offers more than in the way of structural materials, beyond just copper and brass.  They have stock of structural materials in the USA and Canada.


They make products in several categories.


Stainless steel

Brass / bronze



Outlets / valves

Fabricated items


You can find more information about Alaskan Copper and Brass here:

You can also find their stock list (USA) here:

Contact Information

The company has contact information for several regional offices.  You can find full details of contact information on the company website:

Kent (Head Office)

27402 72nd Avenue South
Kent, Washington 98032
Phone (206) 623-5800
Toll Free (800) 552-7661
Sales Fax (253) 796-2771
Kent Map/Directions


P.O. Box 5067
Portland, Oregon, 97208-5067
2440 Southeast Raymond (97202-4638)
Phone (503) 238-7171
Toll Free (800) 552-7661
Fax (503) 238-6849
Portland Map/Directions

San Diego

P.O. Box 8236
Chula Vista, California 91912
1333 30th Street, Suite A
San Diego, California, 92154-3404
Phone (619) 423-2546
Fax (619) 423-5310
San Diego Map/Directions

Vancouver, B.C.

225 North Road
Coquitlam, B.C., Canada V3K 3V7
Phone (604) 937-6620
Toll Free (800) 667-5456
Fax (604) 937-0838
Vancouver Map/Directions

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