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Beacon Finland

Work Valtakatu 9-11 Rauma 26100 Finland Company Phone: +35 828 387 9500 Work Fax: +35 828 387 9510 Website: Company Website


Beacon Finland makes the JAK coupling system for articulated tug barges (ATB).  The coupler allows pitch degree of freedom and can connect at different draft levels between barge and tug.

From company website:

The JAK® ATB Coupling System of Beacon Finland is invented and developed especially for use on Articulated Tug Barge (ATB) systems. It is a modern innovation with significant advantages with regard to space, weight and cost.

The original invention was made in 1991. Since then, Beacon Finland has continued to develop it into a very competitive product for the ATB market.

The basic idea of the invention was to improve the existing connection devices between the tug and the barge in the ATB-system with the aim of a lightweight, safe, simple and cost effective coupling. The JAK®-ATB Coupling System solved the conventional problems and fulfilled the basic targets more than well.


The main product is the JAK coupling.

From company website:

The JAK®-ATB Coupling System is a pneumatically actuated electrically controlled articulated tug-barge connecting system. The coupling action is controlled from a control panel on the vessel’s bridge or/and from the local control panel in the coupler unit compartment.

The efficiency and the reasonable cost of the coupling device are based on its simple construction. There are also several other benefits of this system, e.g.:

  • Cost efficient due to simple construction and installation
  • Environmentally friendly due to pneumatic operation and lubrication with environmental friendly oil
  • Ease of operation due to simple control and less need and ease of maintenance
  • No on-deck equipment and little space demand under deck
  • Small power demand as the power consumption is only 5kW. The system utilizes the existing power and compressed air supply of the tug. (24V DC supply & compressed air (425 psi) supply)


You can get more information on the company website:


You can find local contact information on the company website:

Home Office Contact

Beacon Finland Ltd Oy
PO Box 228
FIN-26101 Rauma


Mr. Timo Rintala
Ms. Tuija Hörkkö

Phone: +358 2 8387 9500
Fax: +358 2 8387 9510

Street address:Valtakatu 9-11
26100 RAUMA

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