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Wave Generato
Work Electric Drives and Controls 5150 Prairie Stone Parkway Hoffman Estates Illinois 60192-3707 United States of America Company Phone: +31 (411) 651 382 Company Phone: +1 800 739 7684 Website: Wave Generator Website Website: Main Site


Bosch-Rexroth specialized in industrial hydraulics and controls, with experience applying this skill to the the field of towing tanks.  This also includes electric drives.  (Basically, all the components you need for an industrial towing tank.)  They can supply a wide range of products related to towing tanks.

Products and Solutions

  • Wave generators
  • Modular wave generators
  • Towing carriages
  • Tow tank software
  • Wave absorbers
  • Other custom solutions

Wave generator solutions

Typical wave generator solutions that can be developed by Bosch Rexroth are:

  • Single directional wave generators for flumes and towing tanks
  • Multi directional wave generators for basins

Wave generation system hardware

The systems are fatigue rated and designed with low noise production, a long lifespan and high serviceability (low maintenance and ease of access) in mind. To ensure high motion accuracy the systems encompass:

  • High dynamical stiffness
  • Backlash-free operation
  • Closed loop servo control

Maximum wave height

The height of the waves that can be generated is limited by water depth, wave steepness, overtopping and maximum segment stroke and velocity.

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