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Bruce Anchor

Work Bruce Anchor, Tern Place House, Tern Place, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen AB23 8JX United Kingdom Company Phone: +44 7624 338 400 Website: Company Website


Founded in 1972, Bruce Anchor is a leading designer and supplier of drag-embedment anchors and associated equipment to the Oil & Gas and Offshore Renewable Energy industries for various applications.

Our continuous investment in Research and Development helps us to provide innovative, cost effective mooring solutions that support our customers with their requirements.




This is the only drag embedment anchor capable of accepting directional changes of loading from all headings. After installation, the Bruce Omni-Directional Dennla can embed in the rearward direction as well as the forward direction by veering into alignment with the direction of loading.

  • Removable Shank Stopper to limit movement
  • Not subject to Vertical Load Anchor (VLA) pullout failure
  • Drag Embedment Safety factor applicable (i.e. 1.5x rather than 2.0x for a VLA)
  • Holding capacity is limited only by mooring line strength
  • Rigid shank gives single load path for determinable fatigue life
  • Design enables recovery at low load by installation anchor line


Developed in 1986, the Bruce FFTS Mk4 anchor is still one of the only drag embedment anchors available on the market that completely satisfies the HHP anchor rules regarding self righting as set out by DNV GL.

  • Complete self-righting ability
  • Superior holding performance in all sea beds
  • Choice of fluke angles for optimum performance in hard & soft bottoms
  • Approved by ABS , DNV GL, LR and BV as a HHP anchor
  • Disassembly into two parts for easier and lower shipping costs
  • Cranked shank design reduces anchor penetration resistance


With increased holding capacity and the cranked shank design, the Bruce FFTS PM is the perfect anchor for permanent mooring requirements and hard bottom conditions.

  • Superior holding performance in all sea beds
  • Placement anchor for all permanent mooring applications
  • Choice of fluke angles for optimum performance in hard and soft bottoms
  • Simplified fluke angle adjustment by moving two plain pins, no welding required
  • Design can be tailored to suit customer requirements
  • Single point recovery lug on fluke minimises breakout resistance
  • Can be varied to suit required shackle sizes,
    dimensions marked *
  • Disassembly into two parts for easier, lower cost shipping


The Bruce FFTS GP has a further increased fluke area from that of the Bruce FFTS PM, and the shank straightened to enable mass to be redistributed to the fluke for higher holding capacity and a lower rearwards recovery load.

  • Greater holding capacity from increased fluke area
  • Choice of four fluke angles to suit most soil conditions
  • Snag free negotiation of stern rollers
  • Easy deck handling
  • Easy breakout using chaser or rear recovery lug
  • Significant reduction in cost per tonne of holding capacity
  • Can be varied to suit required shackle sizes,
    dimensions marked *

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