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Carlsen Group

Work Van Polanenweg 2 Krimpen aan de IJssel NL-2921 LT The Netherlands Company Phone: +31 180 440 720 Work Fax: +31 180 516 064 Website: Company Website


Carlsen provides equipment and engineering services for bulk material handling.  Cement, sand, and even grains.  Carlsen has the equipment to efficiently and safely unload it.


Carlsen offers a variety of different systems for bulk cargo handling.  Which system to select can depend on many things:  efficiency, the specific cargo to handle, safety.  Carlsen representatives can help you select the best system for your purposes.  All text taken from Carlsen website. (

Double Reloader System

The D.R. (Double Reloader) system consists of two tanks that alternate between being filled by vacuum and emptied by pressure. When the first reloader tank is full, the vacuum valve closes, and the vacuum valve to the second tank open. The second tank is then filled while at the same time the first tank is emptied to recieving silos by means of compressed air. In this way a nearly continous conveying process is achieved.

Screw Conveyor System

The Carlsen mechanical system uses screw conveyors for vertical conveying and airslides or horizontal screw conveyors for horizontal converying The holds are equipped with fluidized bottoms. The material flows from the fluidized bottom through a flow control gate into a vertical screw converyor. From the vertical screw conveyor on deck to the centre of the ship. The material is conveyed on shore either by a mechanical unloading boom or by a pneumatic pressure system.

Source: Source:

E3 Cargo System

The Carlsen E3 Cargo System provides almost continous unloading to shore, it is utilizing the pressure from compressors and direct feeding from the hold to the blow tanks. The advantage is that the system uses only one conveyor from cargo hold to silo.

Conveyor Loading System

All the Conveyor Loading systems (Air slide Loading System & Screw Conveyor Loading System) can be provided with the following options.

  • Option: Pneumatic Loading with Cyclone
    To accommodate for pneumatic loading of material from shore into the ship
  • Option: Truck Loading
    To facilitate for loading by road trucks or rail cars into the ship
  • Option: Air slides below Main Deck
    To arrange for cargo to be widely spread into the ship’ss cargo hold


You can find more information on the company website:


Detailed contact information can be found on the company website:

Carlsen Group
Van Polanenweg 2
NL-2921 LT Krimpen aan de IJssel
The Netherlands

Phone:  +31 180 440 720
Fax:  +31 180 516 064

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