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Cen-Tex Marine

Work Cen-Tex Marine Fab. 1100 N.E. 1st Street Smithville TX 78957 USA Company Phone: +1 512 237 2496 Work Fax: +1 512 237 3257 Website: Company Website


Cen-Tex marine creates watertight closures.  We need to keep the water out somehow, and Cen-Tex has solutions for you.

From company website:

Cen-Tex Marine has become one of the most respected manufacturers of marine closures. Well-trained craftsmen operating excellent machinery, are dedicated to providing high quality watertight doors, hatches, scuttles, manholes and portlights. Cen-Tex products can be found on all size vessels, from the smallest work boat to the largest supertanker, and on many offshore drilling rigs.
Our closure line features many variations of watertight and weathertight doors:  individually dogged, quick acting (handwheel or lever operated), dutch doors, and double doors–all available in virtually any size.
Hatches, scuttles and manholes are also available in many configurations and sizes–raised or flush, individually dogged, quick acting, spring balanced, etc. We are equipped to fabricate custom closures when needed. We have portlights and fixed lights ranging from 8″ to 18″, with covers and screens optional, as required.


The full product catalog is on the company website.  This just lists the major categories.

  • Doors
  • Hatches
  • Manholes
  • Scuttles
  • Fixed Lights
  • Portlights
  • Cargo Hatches


You can find more information on the company website:



Address: Cen-Tex Marine Fab.
1100 N.E. 1st Street
Smithville, Tx. 78957

Phone: (512) 237-2496

Fax: (512) 237-3257


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