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The marine yellow pages provides a listing thousands of vendors in all types of marine equipment.  An excellent resource to find competitive quotes.

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DMS maintains a list of vendors that we encounter in the maritime industry.  Maybe you can find your next supplier here.


Work P.O. Box 1206 Destrehan LA 70047 USA Company Phone: +1 985 725 0222 Work Fax: +1 985 725 1564 Website: Company Website


Ships don’t run on diesel alone.  They need a crew, and that crew needs food.  And that food needs a galley for preparation.  Cospolich makes galley equipment.

From company website:

  • We are a manufacturing company utilizing the latest technology to streamline our production processes.
  • We have expanded our product line and capabilities ten-fold.
  • The material management and control software that we have in place provides state-of-the-art programming and process monitoring capabilities.
  • We have around-the-clock production of high quality laser-cut parts.
  • We utilize proven methods that emphasize efficiency without sacrificing quality.


You can view the full line of products on the company website.  This just lists the major categories.

  • Chest refrigerators and freezers
  • Combination units
  • Freezers
  • Hot proofing cabinets
  • Stainless steel galley fabrication
  • Undercounter units
  • Optional accessories
  • Cold food counters and wells
  • Dual temp serving line and modules
  • Hot food counters and wells
  • Modular walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Thaw cabinets
  • Walk-in doors


You can find more information on the company website:


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1206
Destrehan, LA 70047
Telephone:  985.725.0222
FAX:  985.725.1564
Shipping Address:
14695 U.S. 61
Norco, LA 70047

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