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The marine yellow pages provides a listing thousands of vendors in all types of marine equipment.  An excellent resource to find competitive quotes.

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Work 2801 Dawson Rd Tulsa OK 74110 USA Company Phone: +1 800 772 1500 Work Fax: +1 918 832 0940 Website: Company Website


Think lifting, heavy lifting, and rigging in general.  Sheaves, hooks, shackles, etc.  If it involves a crane or any type of lifting, Crosby probably has something that you need.

From company website:

The Crosby Group was conceived with a long range goal to develop into a single source for accessories used in the lifting and material handling industry with the highest levels of quality control available. Through a creative program of product development and aggressive acquisitions of market-leading lines, Crosby began its growth. The current experience level of our employees has been many years in the making.


The company has a very large catalog of products.  Too many to list them all here.  Here are just some of their categories:acable3

  • Wire rope end fittings
  • Shackles
  • Sling saver fittings
  • Hooks and swivels
  • Rigging accessories
  • Chain and accessories
  • McKissick sheaves
  • McKissick blocks
  • Western & Marine blocks
  • Crosby lifting clamps
  • Crosby trawlex(r)
  • Crosby kuplex(r)
  • Special products
  • Rigging information

You can view the entire catalog here:


Crosby has plenty of details, including their full catalog and drawings of their products, on their website:


You can locate a sales manager from the Crosby website:

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