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Work Deansteel Manufacturing Company, Inc. 931 S. Flores Street San Antonio TX 78204 USA Company Phone: +1 210 226 8271 Work Fax: +1 210 226 0913 Company Phone: +1 800 825 8271 Website: Company Website


Deansteel makes marine firedoors.  All doors are certified for USCG CFR-46 and IMO-FTP codes.  Their primary advantage is the focus on marine fire doors specifically.  You can find several pieces of useful information on their website.

From company website:

Since our first joiner job in 1969, Deansteel Manufacturing has come a long way to better serve the marine and offshore industries. This includes a full line of USCG CFR-46 and IMO-FTP Code marine fire resistant doors, frames, and windows; as well as all steel berths and marine furniture. This line of joiner door units and windows is certified by the USCG and Lloyd’s Registry.

Deansteel has long been known in the offshore industry for top quality construction, durable products, and dependable delivery, all at competitive pricing. All of our products are manufactured to the very highest standards of quality giving you many years of performance in the harsh offshore environment. Whether you need us today or tomorrow, we’ll be here to serve you.


The main products for Deansteel are fireproof steel doors.


The company website contains further information on their products.


You can find current contact information on the company website:

Deansteel Manufacturing Company, Inc.
931 S. Flores Street
San Antonio, Texas 78204
Phone: 210-226-8271
Fax: 210-226-0913
Toll Free: 800-825-8271

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