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Work Charles Previte VP Sales Americas 315 Seahawk Drive DeSoto Texas 75115 USA Direct Phone: +1 972 228 3500 Website: Website


If you build composite sandwich panels, then you need a foam core.  You probably need several different types of foam cores.  Enter Diab, who manufacture a wide range of foam cores.  They also provide extensive technical knowledge on how to select the right core, how to design a sandwich system, any any other questions you may have about sandwich panels.


Here is the full range of foam cores that Diab makes.  Full information available on their website.

  • Divinycell Matrix
    • Superior strength to weight; used in multiple industries, including wind and marine.
  •  Divinycell H, HP
    • Excellent strength to weight; used in multiple industries, including wind and marine.
  •  Divinycell HT
    • High-temperature resistant core suitable for pre-preg; commonly used in private aircraft.
  •  Divinycell P, PX
    • PET core with very good FST properties; used in transportation and construction industries
  •  Divinycell F
    • FST core specifically developed for use in aircraft interiors and non-structural parts in commercial aircraft.
  •  Divinycell HCP
    • From sea level to 700 meters depth.
  •  Syntactic Foams
    • From 700 to 10,000 meters depth.
  •  ProBalsa
    • Used in marine and wind applications in combination with foam.

All products come with material data sheets, which are absolutely essential for proper engineering design of sandwich panel systems.

Diab also offers their engineering expertise to assist with proper composite design.  Quote from Diab website:

Our Technical Services team and Composites Consulting Group (CCG) have a unique combination of practical and theoretical experience from various industries, ensuring that solutions are valuable from both a design and a manufacturing perspective. We take a holistic perspective for the best possible combination of core, finishing, kits and process according to customers’ needs.Many of our customers take advantage of our engineering expertise to ensure each element fits together for optimal performance. Our integrated range of solutions and services can serve you in every part of the composite design and manufacturing process, with competence including:

  • Core material selection

  • Finishing selection

  • Kit optimization

  • Structural calculations

  • Scantling

  • Set-up and training of manufacturing processes



If you want to learn more about Diab, or just get an education in foam cores in general, you can visit their website:



You can find full details for contact information in various countries on Diab’s website:


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