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Company Phone: +1-619-596-3181 Website: Company Website


Discflo make disc pumps.  These unique pumps operate on a different principle from a conventional pump.  They work on the same concept as a Tesla turbine, utilizing boundary layer effects to pump the fluid instead of normal foil sections used on conventional impellers.  The impeller of a Discflo pump is a set of flat discs, sometimes with ridges on the discs.  The disks are spaced close together, and use boundary layer effects to pump the fluid.

From company website:


Discflo’s Disc Pump is based on a non-contact, non-impingement technology. Successive layers of fluid between two discs (the Discpac) travel faster towards the center, relative to the rotating discs, and are stationary on the disc surfaces, acting as a ‘boundary layer’ Pump is boundary layer-viscous drag. Its application to pumps commercially is new, but it has been used widely in fluid engineering for over 100 years. A common example of this principle is the phenomenon of pressure drop or friction losses through a pipe system.

Examination of the cross-section of a pipe under laminar (non-turbulent) flow conditions shows that layers of liquid travel at different velocities. The stationary pipe exerts a ‘drag’ force on the flowing liquid. The velocity of the layer adjacent to the pipe is zero, an effect known as ‘boundary layer’. Successive layers flow increasingly fast with the highest velocities at the center point between the pipe walls.


This is essentially the same boundary layer-viscous drag principle that is used by the Disc Pump. The pump ‘impeller’ comprises a series of parallel discs called the Discpac. As the discs rotate, they create drag and an initial boundary layer of fluid adheres to their surfaces as flow enters the pump.

As the discs rotate, the boundary layer formed on the discs surfaces is stationary, relative to the discs. Similarly the fluid travels iincreasingly fast towards the center of the gap between the discs, relative to the discs. Kinetic energy is transferred through layers of fluid molecules between the discs, generating velocity and pressure gradients across the Discpac. This creates a powerful force that ‘pulls’ the product through the pump in a smooth, pulsation-free flow.


Because the system does not use pushing or impingement to move product through the pump, it has some compelling advantages over traditional impeller technologies and progressive cavity devices. This is especially true for handling difficult fluids, such as abrasive, viscous, high solids, large solids or air-entrained fluids, and for shear sensitive fluids and emulsions.

Due to the design, the Discflo pumps have a long lifetime and require less maintenance than conventional pumps.  They are best suited to situations where you have a high viscosity fluid, or a fluid with emulsions.


Discflow offers a large range of pump applications.

Horizontal Pumps

Includes in-line, close-coupled, side-by-side, over-under, and self-priming configurations for hard-to-pump uses.

Submersible Pumps

Ideal for wastewater and viscous, high solids sludge and slurry applications.

Sump and Dry Pit Pumps

Combines heavy duty construction with clog-free operation for hard-to-pump industrial applications.

ANSI Disc Pumps

Offers unique productivity and cost-saving benefits for users in the chemical processing industry.

Cantilever Disc Pumps

Ideal solutions for reliable, low maintenance operation in the harshest environments..

Sanitary Pumps

Includes the SP Series using Discpac technology and MIS Series centrifugal pumps.

API-610 Pumps

Ideal for heavy duty sludges and slurries in high temperature and high pressure applications of the oil and petrochemical industries.

Glass Lined Pumps

New line of pumps offering superior abrasion and corrosion resistance available on all standard Disc Pump models.


You can visit the company website to learn more about Discflow and the details of their products.



Current contact information is on the company website:


Name Position Phone
Discflo Corporation +1-619-596-3181
Max Gurth President/CEO +1-800-DISCFLO
Xochitl Aguirre General Manager +1-800-DISCFLO
Gustavo Martinez Sales Manager +1-800-DISCFLO
Vincent Moore Quality Assurance Manager +1-800-DISCFLO
Mark Garrison Production Manager +1-800-DISCFLO

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