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Eaton: Crouse-Hinds

Work Eaton Center 1000 Eaton Boulevard Cleveland OH 4412 USA Company Phone: +1 800 386 1911 Website: Corporate Website Website: Products for Marine


Crouse-Hinds offers electrical fittings and equipment.  Everything from outlets to lighting.  They also specialize in electrical equipment for explosion proof and hazardous environments.

From company website:

As the electrical industry’s global leader for explosionproof and hazardous environments, we’re constantly pushing forward and looking ahead, advancing electrical and instrumentation products in new and innovative ways.  Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Business manufactures over 100,000 products for NEC and IEC applications, including: conduit fittings and cable glands, industrial control and electrical apparatus, enclosures, industrial luminaires (including LED), plugs and receptacles, drilling and marine products, and solar solutions.



You can fine the full list of products on the company website.  This just lists the major categories.

  • Airfield ground lighting
  • Airport control and monitoring systems
  • Apparatus (panelboards, switches, etc)
  • Commercial enclosures
  • Commercial fittings
  • Commercial outlet boxes and covers
  • Commercial PRE-formance
  • Commercial solar solutions
  • Commercial weatherproof products
  • Drilling and marine
  • Enclosures
  • Industrial control
  • Industrial fittings and glands
  • Lighting
  • Plugs and receptacles
  • Solar solutions
  • Visual and audible signaling devices


You can find plenty of details on the company website:


You can go to the company website for local contact information:

Global HQ Contact

1201 Wolf Street
Syracuse, NY 13208

Phone:  +1 (866) 764-5454
FAX:  +1 (315) 477-5179

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