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Edinburgh Designs

Work Edinburgh Designs Ltd 27 Ratcliffe Terrace Edinburgh EH9 1SX United Kingdom Company Phone: +44(0) 131 662 4748 Website: Company Website


World Leading Hydrodynamic Test Equipment

Edinburgh Designs specialise in the design and installation of wave and tidal research facilities.

Since 1987, we have worked on many different projects across the world and have installed over 1550 wave paddles.

Our customers have different research goals so our products are continuously being adapted and improved to provide solutions that fit each user’s needs.

We have developed a wide range of wavemakers that combine robust mechanical systems with a sophisticated digital controller specifically designed for wave tanks.

We offer a unique combination of proven technology alongside leading edge innovation.

For videos of our machines in action please review our YouTube channel.

Our Approach

There are numerous ways to engage our services from end-to-end solutions to ad-hoc consultancy at any stage of the process. We can tailor our involvement to your budget. We can also provide quotations at an early stage so that you can identify how to approach your funding requirements.

Examples of Edinburgh Designs Projects:

We’ve over 20 years of experience at the forefront of the industry. This has allowed us to work on a diverse range of projects including:

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