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Work 18400 W 77th St. Chanhassen MN 55317 USA Company Phone: +1 855 620 6200 Website: Company Website


Exlar makes electric linear actuators.  Linear actuators generate linear motion.  Electric linear actuators are ideally suited to situations when you need power and precision at the same time.

Quote from Exlar website:

Exlar offers many distinct benefits over hydraulic, pneumatic and other electromechanical systems:

  • Lower cost to operate

  • More compact packaging

  • Ideal form factor

  • Load ratings to 40,000 lb and above

  • Speeds to 60 in/sec and above

  • Longer life, up to 15x that of similar sized ball screws

  • Completely sealed units

  • Operation with any servo drive

  • Completely integrated actuator/drive/control products

  • Exlar custom products


Exlar provides a wide range of linear actuators for various applications.  You can download the entire product catalog from their website.


Source: http://www.exlar.com/ Source: http://www.exlar.com/%5B/caption%5D


Exlar provides plenty of further details on their website.



You can find full details of the contact information on the website:


Exlar has a wide network of distributors to provide assistance.

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