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Galley Design and Sales

Work 1813 130th Ave NE Suite 220 Seattle WA 98005 USA Company Phone: +1 425 881 1010 Company Phone: +1 425 883 6230 Website: Company Website


Your client needs a galley design that can feed its crew up to 200,000 calories per day.  And to keep the crew happy, the client will employ a gourmet chef that has very specific expectations for their workspace.  What does that mean for galley design?  And come to think of it, how do we fit all this food onboard?  Enter Galley Design and Sales.  They provide consultancy, design, equipment supply, and fabrication for ship’s galleys and laundry facilities.  Their talents include equipment specification, proprietary shelving designs, refrigerator design, and much more.  If it concerns galleys, they can help.

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Vendor Contact

John A Richards

Sales Manager
G A L L E Y   D E S I G N   &   S A L E S

a division of Restaurant Design and Sales, LLC


1813 130TH Ave NE # 220
Bellevue, WA 98005
Office: (425) 881-1010
Cell: (520) 631-8324


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