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GMT Composites

Work GMT Composites 48 Ballou Blvd Bristol RI 02809 USA Direct Phone: +1 401 253 8802 Website: Website


GMT Composites:  The name says it all.  They make composite parts for applications ranging from marine to aerospace to robotics.  You name an application, and they probably have a composite component for it.

One of the better known GMT products are the composite spars for sailboats.  They can even be finished with the appearance of traditional wooden spars.

Quote from GMT Website:

Why Use GMT

GMT Composites, Inc. has a long history of innovation.

The company was started in 1984 and has been a success ever since. The new company built carbon rudders for race boats and quickly gained an international reputation for providing high quality lightweight structures.

Other projects at which GMT excelled were production of America’s Cup tank testing models (in addition to AC rudders and quadrants), wind generator blades and propeller patterns and other parts for United States Navy sub-contractors.

GMT was one of the first marine companies to make extensive use of uni-directional carbon fiber pre-preg. Word of the company’s expertise spread. GMT expanded its market into other industries such as medical devices, aviation composites and robotics.


You can find the full list of products on GMT’s website.  Here are just some of the categories for applications.

  • Spars for sailboats
  • Rudders and stocks
  • Boarding gangway options
  • Robotic and machine parts
  • Medical components
  • Aerospace and underseas
  • Unique applications
  • Defense applications


You can find many more details on the company website:


For sales and information on our products please contact David Schwartz at:

For administrative questions please contact Cathy at:

48 Ballou Blvd
Bristol, RI 02809 USA
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