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Halton Marine

Work 103 Industrial Drive Scottsville KY 42164 USA Company Phone: +1 270 239 6380 Work Fax: +1 270 239 6381 Website: Company Website


Halton offers a variety of products for indoor air and environmental control.  From kitchen ventilation to air filtration to fire dampers.

From Halton website:

Halton’s range of HVAC products and systems covers air diffusion, air flow management, ventilation fire safety, kitchen ventilation and air filtration both at land and sea. All components are designed to build comfortable, safe and energy efficient indoor climates.


Halton’s mission is to enable wellbeing in indoor environments. We are involved from design to building use and create comfortable, safe and energy efficient indoor environments from offices to marine applications.


Source: Halton Marine

Source: Halton Marine

You can view full details of all products on Halton’s website.  This just lists some of the product categories.

Marine and Offshore Products

  • Marine and offshore dampers

  • Flow control dampers
  • Non-return and pressure-relief dampers
  • Blast valves
  • Galley water wash hoods
  • Galley hoods and canopies
  • Cabin units
  • Fancoils
  • Droplet separators
  • Outdoor louvres
  • Valves
  • Diffusers
  • Low velocity devices

 HVAC Product Lines

Diffusers and terminal units

  • Grilles
  • Plenums
  • Valves
  • Low velocity units
  • Chilled beams
  • Air flow management
  • Fire and smoke dampers
  • Terminal filtration units

Kitchen Ventilation

  • Capture jet canopies
  • Standard canopies
  • Capture jet ventilated ceilings
  • Standard ventilated ceilings
  • Special products
  • Supply air
  • Energy and controls
  • Air purification
  • Safety
  • Services distribution

Air Filtration

  • Air filtration


You can find full details on Halton’s website:



You can find contact details for the various Halton offices on their website:


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