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Hamilton Jet

General Manager – California, USA & Canada Contact: Tom Latham
Company Phone: +1 425 527 3000 Cell Phone: +1 425 877 6168 Website: Company Website


HamiltonJet makes waterjets.

From HamiltonJet website:

The current HamiltonJet waterjet range includes models for power inputs from 150 to 3000kW, for vessels typically up to 60 metres long.  All models include features such as integral intake and transition duct for easy installation, as well as steering and reverse components.  All but the smallest units include fully integrated hydraulic reverse systems with jet-driven hydraulic pump, control valves & oil-cooler cast into the waterjet intake.


Here are the major waterjet categories that HamiltonJet provides.  All product descriptions are from the company website.

HJ Series Waterjets

HamiltonJet’s smaller range of waterjets – 8 models ranging from 200mm to 400mm diameter impellers.  HJ waterjets are generally suitable for 6-20m craft, depending on the number of waterjets used, hull displacement, and the vessel’s application.  Control systems range from fully manual, to manual hydraulic to the electronic blue ARROW control system.

HJ series waterjets are sold and supported through HamiltonJet’s extensive network of Distributors.

HM Series Waterjets

HamiltonJet’s larger range of waterjets – 7 models ranging from 420mm to 810mm diameter impellers.  HM waterjets are generally suitable for 18-60m craft using two or more engines and waterjets.  Control systems are hydraulic or electronic.

Because of the more technical application criterea for HM series waterjets, these models are generally sold and supported from the HamiltonJet factory and Regional Offices, with local assistance from Distributors.

HamiltonJet HT Series Waterjets

The HT Series comprises three advanced design mixed flow waterjets offering improved efficiency and cavitation resistance compared with other similar sized waterjets.  The HT Series also features a number of design initiatives to improve reliability and serviceability of the waterjets in operation.

Due to the specialist nature of HT Series Waterjet installations it is crutial all aspects of propulsion for these projects are discussed with an authorised HamiltonJet Distributor and the HamiltonJet factory in New Zealand.

Electronic Waterjet & Vessel Control Systems

HamiltonJet also designs and manufactures hydraulic and electronic control components for all its waterjet models.  Its electronic control systems can integrate with a range of other vessel systems, such as engine and gearbox controls, Autopilot, Voyage Data Recorders and Dynamic Positioning Systems to provide complete vessel maneuvering control.


You can find full details of HamiltonJet models on the company website:



You can find the local distributor for HamiltonJet on the company website:



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