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Work Harding Safety AS Seimsvegen 116 Seimsfoss 5472 Norway Company Phone: +47 53 48 36 00 Work Fax: +47 53 48 36 01 Website: Company Website


Harding manufactures lifeboats, rescue boats, davits, hooks, and provides related services.

Credit: Harding

Credit: Harding

From company website:

Harding is the global market leader of marine life-saving systems, with a solid track record of deliveries to offshore installations and vessels world wide. The company developed the first lifeboat (FF1200) fulfilling the new regulation, DNV 406, for the North Sea and it is also the developer of the enclosed davit system. Harding was formed in 2013 when Schat Harding and Noreq AS was merged together in order to form the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of lifesaving equipment. Our history, however, goes all the way back to the 1920’s.


Hard has a wide array of products, including the following:

  • Lifeboats
    • Free-fall systems (Offshore)
    • Free-fall systems (Shipping)
    • Totally enclosed lifeboats
    • Partially enclosed lifeboats
  • Rescue boats
    • Rigid rescue boats
    • Fast rescue boats
  • Davits
    • Ship davits
    • Rig davits
  • Hooks
    • Sea cure hooks
    • Raft and rescue boat hooks
    • Re-hooking



You can find more product information on the company website.



You can find current contact information on the company website:


Harding Safety AS

Seimsvegen 116

5472 Seimsfoss


Phone:         +47 53 48 36 00

Fax:             +47 53 48 36 01





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