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N.E.I. Treatment Systems

Work 249 E. Ocean Blvd Suite 500 Long Beach CA 90802 USA Company Phone: +1 562 983 9700 Work Fax: +1 562 983 9709 Website: Company Website


N.E.I. makes a ballast water treatment system, based on Venturi Oxygen Stripping (VOS).

From company website:

N.E.I. Treatment Systems is a pioneer and market leader in provisioning large commercial ships with Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS). N.E.I. enables its customers to cost-effectively comply with pending IMO and U.S. regulations that protect the world’s oceans and waterways from invasive aquatic plants and animals. These harmful aquatic organisms are transferred from one ecosystem to another via the ballast water discharged by ships, which if left untreated, are known to cause devastating ecological and economic harm to their new environments.

VOS™ Ballast Water Treatment Delivers

IMO Compliance AND A Compelling Return on Investment!

The VOS™ System induces a low oxygen environment within the ballast tanks which safely and cost-effectively eliminates harmful aquatic organisms without the use of active sub- stances. At the same time, this low oxygen, non-toxic environment also protects the ship’s ballast tank coatings against degradation and corrosion of steel, thereby extending the useful life of ballast tanks to more than 35 years and delivering a BWTS return on investment.


The main product is the VOS™ ballast water treatment system, and its system components.  The following quote from the company website describes the system in more detail.

N.E.I. designs, manufactures, sells, commissions and services the patented and Type Approved Venturi Oxygen Stripping™ (VOS™) Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS). The VOS™ BTWS fully complies with the IMO’s Ballast Water Discharge Standards, while maintaining a low oxygen environment within the ballast tanks that inhibits steel corrosion and prolongs the life of ballast tank coatings. Please visit the Technology Section for a detailed description of how the VOS™ System operates.

The VOS™ BWTS comes in six (6) configurations to match the ballast water flow rates of small ships to the largest commercial vessels built, and can be custom designed or configured in parallel systems to accommodate unlimited ranges of ballast water flow rates. VOS™ System standard models include VOS-500, VOS-1000, VOS-2000, VOS-3000, VOS-4000 and VOS-6000.

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You can find more details about the system on the company website:



You can use the contact form on the company website, or the contact information listed below.

Contact Form:  http://www.neimarine.com/en/contact

N.E.I. Treatment Systems
249 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 500
Long Beach, CA 90802

T  +1 562-983-9700
F  +1 562-983-9709
E  info@nei-marine.com

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