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National Hardware

Company Phone: +1 800 346 9445 Work Fax: +1 800 346 9448 Website: Company Website


National hardware manufactures hardware.  All those little bits and bobs you need to make things move, organize, and assemble.

From company website:

National Hardware is the leader in builders hardware today with more than 15 product categories and over 7,500 SKUs. As a global business, we continue to focus on providing the best hardware and service to our valued customers.


You can view the full list of products on the company website.  This just lists the major product categories.

  1. Garage door hardware
  2. Gate hardware
  3. Hinges
  4. Hobby and craft
  5. Home designs by Stanley
  6. Home hardware
  7. Metal shapes
  8. Organization
  9. Plant hardware
  10. Reinforcement hardware
  11. Rope and chain accessories
  12. Screen and storm door hardware
  13. Security hardware
  14. Tools
  15. Track, hangers, and sliding doors
  16. Wire goods


You can view full details about all hardware on the company website:


You can view the company website to locate a specific distributor:

Or for direct contact with the company, see their contact information here:

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