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Work 757 N. Eldridge Parkway, Suite 675 Houston TX 77079 USA Company Phone: +1 281 531 0600 Website: Company Website


Vryhof is the trusted partner to most offshore industry’s leaders, delivering innovative and customer-focused anchoring and mooring solutions.

We are committed to the highest standards of safety and integrity. We are proud of our legacy and impeccable track record over the last 45 years, always delivering value in everything we do.


Anchor Manual

The anchor manual is a very popular introduction to anchoring.


Vryhof Anchor Products

Vryhof Anchors provides drag anchors and related mooring equipment for larger floating structures, to the offshore energy industries as well as for offshore civil applications. Since the foundation of the company in the early seventies, Vryhof’s proven and trusted anchor designs have become the industry standard and are regarded as being best in both performance and handling. With primary focus on customer satisfaction, Vryhof Anchors is the preferred partner for mooring systems in all water depths and conditions.

Stevin Mk3

The Stevin anchor was the original anchor design of Vryhof Anchors at its inception, outperforming all existing anchors at the time. Although initially designed for the dredging industry it has served numerous applications during its life time.

The Stevin design has actually been replaced by later Vryhof Anchors anchor designs, however is still available. For more information contact Vryhof Anchors sales department.

Stevpris Mk5

Introduced in 1993, the Stevpris Mk5 was the anchor the world was waiting for and very quickly became the most used drag anchor for larger mobile and permanent moorings, primarily because of its principal qualities. At the time it had the best per kilo performance, generating up to 50 times its own weight in holding capacity proved suitable for all soil conditions.
It proved easy to handle, easy to install, easy to retrieve.

Still today over 2200 anchors of this type are in use and supplied new to newbuild semi-submersible rigs or permanent installations.

Stevshark Mk5

An adapted version of the Stevpris Mk5, called ‘ Stevshark’, facilitates performance in hard soils such as limestone, calcarenite, very dense sands and coral. It has identical inherent qualities to the Stevpris Mk5, and its modifications include a stronger construction, shark teeth, sharp fluke edges and fluke tips. Optionally the hollow fluke can be ballasted to assist initial penetration.

Stevpris Mk6

The anchor’s geometry provides an extreme high weight/strength ratio, a property that is visible through its robust and sleek design. The fluke shape minimizes soil disturbance during penetration; its enlarged surface provides the huge holding power. The fluke width provides stability both on the seabed and during penetration. The Stevpris Mk6 provides holding power that is well in excess of 30% higher than that of any other existing drag anchor today.

  • Extreme holding power due to wider fluke and deeper penetration
  • Ultimate structural integrity to withstand the toughest deepwater conditions
  • Design facilitates easy handling, fits most anchor racks
  • Accommodates the widest range of soils possible
  • Excellent stability due to slim design and easy penetration.

Stevmanta VLA

The Stevmanta Vertical Loaded Anchor (VLA) was designed to allow uplift at the anchor point, which is required in semi-taut or taut leg mooring systems.

The Stevmanta installs as a normal drag embedment anchor but the patented angle adjuster system changes the anchor from installation mode to mooring mode, resulting in an instant 3,5 factor of increase in holding capacity. It is the most cost efficient, lightest and smallest deepwater anchor available in the market today and since its introduction in 1996 hundreds of permanent and mobile moorings have been succssfully performed worldwide.

The advantages of using the Stevmanta VLAs in a mooring spread are clear;

  • minimum engineering required
  • anchors adjust to soil characteristics
  • light weight, easy to install from one AHV
  • provides holding power of 3.5 times the pull-in load
  • deploys like a conventional anchor
  • safe taut leg mooring

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